How I made over $14,000+ Selling Web Hosting & Affiliate Sites.

How I made over $14,000+ Selling Web Hosting & Selling Affiliate Sites.

Selling Web Hosting


I started off selling Affiliate Turnkey Websites for a company. I sold many sites to my customer as this affiliate program was a yearly membership. It was the best affiliate program around. The only thing they asked is you sell the online business for no less than $39.99. I was selling these sites for $89.99 to $129.00. I realized I could even make more money as most of my customers wanted web hosting or a domain name. I found a great place that offered affiliate web hosting and it looked like my own hosting business as they provided me with a store and the price of what everything cost and I marked the products to the profit I wanted to make. I have a link on this site. They are still around. I just outgrew, as I have many customers I host for and it is cheaper to get my own hosting company.

Most of my sales come from my online store. I sell various things I drop ship to my customers in the US & Canada.

I just started selling turnkey online businesses again as I’m seeing a lot of people looking for online businesses and I don’t have to spend much time other than ordering the products from my shop and customer service.

Online stores on services like Shopify cost too much money to run and the fees they charge. You can have your own store up and running for $49.97 and $4.15 a month for hosting. Shopify starts at $29.99 per Month and Over $359.00+ a year.


Here is what my customers say:

I recently purchased [on Ebay] a Zen Cart 500+ Turnkey Ebook Store from maggiekat2424 for a very modest and competitive price. I had previously bought an ebook store from another source, only to find that the instructions provided were not clear and the seller concerned didn’t answer any of my support emails. When I purchased from maggiekat2424, the latest version of the Zen Cart ebook store was fully installed for me on my Cpanel hosting and within 48 hours. I was also provided with a quick start email, given a working link to a set of tutorials and Maggiekat2424 offered to help out with any questions I might have.

I am most impressed with the help and support I have received in the last few days. Considering the modest financial gain received by maggiekat2424 through my purchase, the seller has displayed an outstanding  level of  commitment in answering emails and in the way time and effort were expended  in helping me to solve initial set up difficulties. I have no hesitation in recommending maggiekat2424 if you are interested in establishing an up-to-date ebook store, and especially if you are a relative newbie to ecommerce software.

Ambrose Hardy

I am a small business owner; my business is Internet marketing and product management. Since finding compu-tel-hosting I have been able to concentrate on marketing my business, not web site development.

I have been a customer of compu-tel hosting for over 2 years now. I have purchased 5 of their turnkey web sites and I host them all with compu-tel. I have found their turnkey web sites to be very practical, no need to worry about design etc, it is all done for you. They even uploaded my sites and set them up completely for me. All I had to do was log in and start adding my content.

Their hosting packages are very reasonable and their customer service is awesome. They are right there to address and problems I may have and to help me with any questions.

There are a lot of other companies out there offering similar products, but no one can touch their customer service.

I would highly recommend, in fact I have recommended them to many of my fellow business owners who are looking for web sites.

If you are looking at venturing onto the internet, I would recommend giving comu-tel hosting/turnkey a call today..

David Gough
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Here are a couple of sites that run on our hosting

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